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  • Project Management & Construction Management IV Diploma;
  • Architecture Diploma
  • Green Star Accredited

Matt has an exceptional ability to unify project teams and its stakeholders, allowing the projects deliverables to remain achievable. Through this collaboration key issues and risks are identified and resolved efficiently.

With 25 years’ experience in the construction industry Matt has built a portfolio of successful projects across the infrastructure (heavy rail, light rail, roads, & tunnels), retail, commercial, and residential building sectors. After an extensive career in the architectural industry he pursued a career change into Project Management, a career change that has proven to be very successful for the past 11 years.

Within this time, he has been responsible for managing projects and programs of work throughout all stages of the project lifecycle from business case development and procurement through to construction and commencement of use. In doing so he has proven to be a highly valuable employee displaying the personnel skills, capability, and motivation required to thrive in the construction industry