About Kontron Australia

Kontron Australia was formed in 2003 together with Kontron AG and has been a dedicated Kontron Group partner involved in the successful sales and distribution of Kontron products throughout the APAC region for over 20 years.

As a reliable and experienced Kontron partner Kontron Australia is supporting customers in the development, and successful implementation, of digitalization and industrial transformation projects. We distribute throughout the APAC region and support many local and international companies based in Australia and New Zealand.

The Kontron Group internationally is a rapidly expanding multinational technology group delivering pioneering IoT solutions of the latest digitalization trends such as smart automation, real-time software, connectivity, data intelligence, and AI applications.

We have a dedicated team of specialists and cater to a variety of business types covering the full spectrum of Kontron products. We pro-actively work with our customers and their technical specialists to implement specific and unique applications, from early developmental stage right through to manufacturing and after sales support.

 For customers that require us to assist with design, we also provide solutions that support our customers projects, offering specialist manufacturing and design services.